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String of hearts

And a last minute Valentine quickie from a paint chip, pink embroidery thread, a needle and some scissors:



Notecard tutorial: Tiptoe through the tulips

I had a birthday last month and was well and truly feted. Among my gifts were a lovely bouquet of pink tulips, and a copy of this fabulous book by the wonderful and talented Alisa Golden:

Actually, when my birthday came around, I already had a copy of this book at home, one from the library that I had already renewed as many times as I was allowed, and which I had briefly considered simply . . . forgetting to return.  A little birthday gift card from my favorite sister made that bit of miscreance unnecessary, and now I have my very own copy. Which is already getting dog-eared and paint-spotty.

After a while the pink tulips began to look as old as–well, as old as I now am (NOT complaining–I’ve been on this side of the hill for a while now and I love it).By the time I got the notion to preserve my last tulip blooms by painting them, they were wearing their age in a wabi-sabi kind of way.

It was one of those everything-comes-neatly-together projects. I needed notecards on which to write my birthday thank you notes.  I happened to have some LOOOOONG pieces of watercolor paper, part of a stash I scored when a print shop and paper warehouse not too far from me closed (to becom a block of condominiums–a moment of silence, please). And I had this Golden (in all senses of the word) book containing just the right project.

As I said, this is Alisa’s (may I call you Alisa?) project, but this is my take on it.

Make a painting. Mine ended up being of the pink tulips. Watercolors, a little sumi ink, a big dry brush and a little wet brush. Dash it out–don’t think too much. Some of my tulips got deconstructed just a little, but I liked them that way.

So did second child. She loved them. The painting stayed around on my kitchen wall clothesline gallery overnight.

Then the guillotine fell. Literally. Second child was mightily annoyed with me.

I’m the fortunate, temporary guardian of a fabulous, heavy, sharp, old school guillotine-style paper cutter. I walk around looking for things to cut up with it. I’m thinking of using it to make cole slaw.

Anyway, take a deep breath and cut your painting up, too.  Cut it into squares or rectangles a bit smaller than the dimensions of the front of your blank note cards. Attach the now smaller, more concentrated mini paintings to the fronts of your note cards, using your adhesive of choice. I used Zots adhesive dots–they make the card stand out a little, like a painting on a wall.

It’s a little like quilting in reverse. I love how each one expresses its pinky tulip-ness in a different way.  And when I sent out the thank you notes, it was like sending the people I love their own spring tulips.

I always do . . . until I don’t

Carry my camera with me, that is.  So I didn’t have it with me when I attended a small, wonderful dinner party on Thursday of this past week. Three of my favorite women friends and I get together for a post-Christmas dinner every year, and this year our celebration was a little more . . . um . . . post than usual.

I wish I could show you the beeeyooootiful food. The chicken tikka. The curried vegetables. The rice–two kinds of rice! The spicy shrimp. The cucumber raita, the potato and pea samosas, the naan (okay, I made the naan myself), the wine, the apple dessert, the lovely table setting.

I wish I could replay the marvelous conversation that went on for long, leisurely hours.

Hmm. Maybe not–much o f it is just fine staying within the four walls where it took place. Ahem.

Anyway, all I have to show you is this little pen and watercolor sketch, which I made the next day.  Each of us had two little jars by her plate, our take-home goodies.  Various spices, with instructions to go home and use them in a new dish. Mine were fenugreek and pink peppercorns in a neat little thick green glass bottle stoppered with a cork.

Pink peppercorns in a green glass bottle

Pink peppercorns in a green glass bottle

Now–does anyone have a nifty recipe to share that makes use of fenugreek and pink peppercorns?