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Self portrait




Weeks ago I got an order of neat art stuff from one of my favorite suppliers. I’d been terribly eager to get these things, so, of course, as soon as the box arrived, STUFF started happening to take me away from them. Second Child’s birthday celebration, First Child’s last few days at home before the end of his spring break, a scary medical moment (lasting 5 days) for Crispin dog (which I’ll post about on their blog once I get caught up here). Three weekends in a row with things to do (most of them good things, though).

Finally I got a bit of time to get out my new toys and play. A three day weekend, everyone else off doing their own thing, and the house quiet. I got out a bag of 75 one inch pieces of Stampbord, a new thing to me. These are little pieces of kaolin clay covered masonite–one side masonite and one side clay, smooth and dry and enticingly white. You can do almost anything with them, say they folks who make it, and I’ve only just begun to play with it.

For my first foray I pulled out stamp inks, watercolors, a black fine-line sketching pen, and a white fine-line pen.  An hour or so later I had these:

and these (the fern stamps on the top two are a little too subtle, but it’s a start):


and this:

Then, combining my new surfaces with the images I made earlier, and adding a little gold edging, I got these:

I can already tell that a bag of 75 of these isn’t even going to last me through the weekend (though one nice thing about these tiny blanks is that if you decide you don’t like what you’ve done, a few light passes with some medium grit sandpaper erases them so you can start again).

I’m thinking about

  • drilling through them so I can attach beads or charms (or other pieces of stampboard)
  • using them as tiny collage canvases
  • doing some encaustic work on them
  • painting and then scratching through the surface of the clay
  • finding a fine and flexible brush and trying some brush painting on them
  • buying another couple of bags of these right away!

Thank you

Thank you notes were in order for some friends of ours who did a very nice thing for us. I won’t go into detail, but, seriously–appreciate your friends. An ordinary note seemed inadequate, so I sketched up my new favorite corner of the house, made possible by said friends. It took two notes to cover all the interested parties, and I won’t show you both of them since they’re quite similar, but here’s what went out in today’s mail.

Thanks, folks–seriously.

And more raspberries