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Another fabulous art night

This time at the home of a friend who really did it up royally–a dozen or so of us showed up in her (really amazing) home to find art supplies of every variety arranged on tables–wet media here, dry media there, stamping stuff in this corner (stamps are dry but inks are wet–decisions, decisions), gesso and all kinds of gel media and molding paste, jars of brushes and clean water, a sewing machine set up and ready for use. And, of course, a table of wines and sodas and the kettle on for tea. Every time I thought, “Oh, I wish I’d brought my X,” or “Too bad we don’t have any Y,” I’d raise my head and the needed item would be right there. It was like having all your art dreams come true.

We all brought our own offerings: paper and other ephemera, tools and toys, and something to add to the dinner table to go with the amazing veggie chili our hostess had made. Yummy things everywhere you looked.

I wish I had a photo of each of the beautiful or funny or elegant works that were produced that night. The emphasis was on smalls (ATC sized) but there were larger things, too, and a number of small books made on the tiny bound pads of nice paper that had been provided for us.

I even took advantage of our patron’s insistence that we take some papers and cards home with me, so, at least at my house, the party’s still going strong.



I always do . . . until I don’t

Carry my camera with me, that is.  So I didn’t have it with me when I attended a small, wonderful dinner party on Thursday of this past week. Three of my favorite women friends and I get together for a post-Christmas dinner every year, and this year our celebration was a little more . . . um . . . post than usual.

I wish I could show you the beeeyooootiful food. The chicken tikka. The curried vegetables. The rice–two kinds of rice! The spicy shrimp. The cucumber raita, the potato and pea samosas, the naan (okay, I made the naan myself), the wine, the apple dessert, the lovely table setting.

I wish I could replay the marvelous conversation that went on for long, leisurely hours.

Hmm. Maybe not–much o f it is just fine staying within the four walls where it took place. Ahem.

Anyway, all I have to show you is this little pen and watercolor sketch, which I made the next day.  Each of us had two little jars by her plate, our take-home goodies.  Various spices, with instructions to go home and use them in a new dish. Mine were fenugreek and pink peppercorns in a neat little thick green glass bottle stoppered with a cork.

Pink peppercorns in a green glass bottle

Pink peppercorns in a green glass bottle

Now–does anyone have a nifty recipe to share that makes use of fenugreek and pink peppercorns?