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Food for thought–and dinner

My nephew was born on Thanksgiving day, so I always think of it as his birthday even when the 23rd falls a bit short of the actual day. As a college student at my alma mater, he’s having a ball this year living in an actual house instead of a dorm, and is taking advantage of having access to a real kitchen and learning to make some of his favorite foods.  He and I share a predilection for Indian food of all sorts, so for his birthday this year I put together a little package to help him along in his culinary education:

  • A copy of Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick and Easy Indian Cooking
  • A selection of the spices and herbs needed for Indian cooking
  • A neat little box (courtesy of the beading section of a craft store) to hold the latter
  • A small mortar and pestle
  • A baggie of nice Darjeeling tea and a tea infuser
  • A bag of basmati rice
  • A bag of fresh ginger

[For a more readable look at just what I included, take a peek at a larger version of this photo on my Flickr site.]

In return I’ve extracted a promise from him that he’ll cook me a meal when I visit him at school one of these days. Hey, a present’s not a present unless there are strings attached, right?