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Which is nice . . .

So this came in yesterday’s mail. I’m always happy to see it. But this time I was even happier than usual. One of the items chosen for display in the Reader Challenge Results, which featured hand carved stamps this time, was something that looked awfully familiar. This:

My sneakers! They were in amazing company on these pages–such beautiful things the other contributors had made.  I blush. Okay–done now. I’ll try to restrict myself to quiet giggling.


Origami contest

Okay, not a contest for which you actually do origami, but one in which a lucky person who likes to do origami will win a whopping big stash of origami materials.

I’m not the sponsor (if I were, sadly, I’d be really hard pressed to give away such a bounty)–that would be The Paper Place–visit them to get more details.

I’m definitely trying for the big prize myself. I’ve been an origami fan for years, since I brought home a great big origami book from my elementary school library. My Dad and I got hooked on it, so much so that years (okay, decades) later, I was thrilled to find a copy of that same book online, and ordered it immediately.

You can play, too. Just hop over to The Paper Place and leave a comment!

New Moo! And a belated . . . everything

Well, duh.

Things got away from me.

I thought all along, when working on this blog, that I’d do something special for my 100th blog post.  And something else neat for my blogiversary, the first birthday of my blog.

Well, damn.

I managed to miss both of them.  I only missed by a little bit on the 100th post, which I hit just a few days ago.  But, for crying out loud, Floating Ink hit its one year mark in . . . um . . . February.  That one I missed by a mile.

Well, pooh.

I promise I’ll come up with a suitable way to celebrate my blogiversary and your lovely readership–thank you thank you thank you for visiting and returning and posting and saying nice things–but for the moment I’m here to show off the little [belated] birthday present I got the blog to celebrate its first year:

New Moo minis!

Here’s a little sneak look at them.  I’ve had other sets of Moo mini cards, but this one’s all about the blog, and I’ll be shamelessly pressing them on friends and strangers alike. Please forgive the bit of overlap among these shots and the strange golden light, all that’s available in my kitchen on this rainy evening.

Thanks for being with me on the ride so far–have some virtual cake and ice cream and, please, somebody give me a heads up next February so I don’t miss my own birthday again.

And stay tuned for a makeup celebration with some giveaways!

A tea break

We are all feeling somewhat more human today, though we’re still laying pretty low around here.  Nobody’s very hungry (though it is not a stomach bug) but we’re consuming such vast quantities of juices and hot cocoa and tea that we keep running out of clean glasses and cups.

But we’re sort of housebound, so it’s just the chance I’ve been waiting for to try out my new tea stuff. I am one of those people who never wins anything, but two weeks ago, I did (I did!).  Ana, over at her wonderful blog Tea Spot, was giving away a nifty Numi tea set to a random commenter, and I turned out to be . . . hmm . . . most random?

[Second Child’s frequent comment on my ideas or behavior: “Mom. That’s so random.”]

The set contains a pretty little glass teapot just big enough for one very large or two rather small cups of tea. And a huge assortment of flowering teas–little bundles of different kinds of tea leaves artfully tied in such a way (remember the paper flowers you used to get at carnivals that “bloomed” when you got them home and dripped water on them?) that they unfurl into amazing shapes within just a few moments.

Here’s the before picture. See that unprepossessing little pod on the left? Looking–sorry–sort of like a bagworm cocoon? That’s the tea, a variety they call Black Beauty.

Add the hot water and the magic begins:

It’s hard to see, but at this point the little alien bud is gracefully unfolding, silvered with minute air bubbles clinging to its leaves.  The other amazing thing is that as the tea begins to bloom, it floats to the surface of the water, then slowly rights itself and settles at the bottom of the pot. A few minutes more and you have this:

It’s tea–it’s topiary–it’s underwater foliage–it’s a science project. It’s lovely. Tasty, too.  I think I’ll try the Jasmine pearls next. Thanks, Ana!

A contest

Busy busy busy making making making things, lovely things (if I do say so myself), marvelous things that . . . I can’t show you. Because some of the recipients read this blog, and I don’t want them to get a sneak peek at their holiday gifts.

Instead, I’ll use this space to let you know about a great giveaway they’re having over at The Paper Place–a beautiful great stack of chiyogami paper that you can see here:

There are several ways to enter and to increase your chances of winning (one of which is, um . . . to post info about the contest in your blog. As I have done. See? See, Paper Place folks? Hint, hint.

More info on their web site, here.

Back to finishing up presents. Damn, where did I put that other knitting needle?