Which is nice . . .

So this came in yesterday’s mail. I’m always happy to see it. But this time I was even happier than usual. One of the items chosen for display in the Reader Challenge Results, which featured hand carved stamps this time, was something that looked awfully familiar. This:

My sneakers! They were in amazing company on these pages–such beautiful things the other contributors had made.  I blush. Okay–done now. I’ll try to restrict myself to quiet giggling.


4 responses to “Which is nice . . .

  1. Congratulations! I have always loved your sneaker woodcut!

  2. Oh good for you! I really like carving stamps–I’m going to have to give that magazine a closer look next time I see it in the store. It sounds like I might enjoy it!

  3. wisdomandlife

    Hey, Nancy:
    Wow! Awesome! Happy for you. Did they credit you? I’m sure they did. This is so cool.

  4. Thanks, Chris! Yep–it was part of a roundup of hand-carved stamps, and we all got credited. It was a little thing, but it made me very happy.

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