“Look at me making art!”

Monoprint van gogh's baby by floating ink
Quoth a friend of Second Child’s, who had come over to spend the weekend with us.  On Saturday I made large sheet of gelatin and brought out the watercolors, but the girls came nosing around and I turned the place over to them. SC’s friend, who was not having a good day, really got into making monoprints, and at one point threw her arms up in the air and shouted “Look at me making art!”
Made my whole weekend.
Just over a week later, I suddenly realized I’d stored the gelatin sheet out on the porch inside the gas grill, intending to go back to it on Sunday. Then I forgot it. By the time I retrieved it, the gelatin had frozen and thawed maybe 4 times. and it was really in bad shape. Sort of crumbly. Not good. But before throwing it out,  I got out some sheets of paper and the paints–nothing to lose, right? I ended up with some nice pieces–they’ll be perfect for backgrounds for . . . something. That’s one of them at the top of this post, and another that’s become my current header.

2 responses to ““Look at me making art!”

  1. Oh, that’s so great!! I keep meaning to make up a gelatin plate for me & the kids. Good to know that if the plate isn’t exactly perfect, interesting prints will still result! I think it’s the fear of messing up the plate that’s been holding me back.

  2. Thanks! Gelatin prints are a great thing to do with kids–it’s basically non-toxic, and you can’t really screw up. I tend to–ahem–overexplain things when I teach them, but this time my daughter invited me to go away and let them figure it out by themselves, and they used tools in ways I wouldn’t have thought of–the swirls in my piece above, for instance, were inspired by the girls piddling with a watercolor fan brush.

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