Hip to paint squares?

One of my nicest Christmas gifts was a wonderfully creative book on watercolor painting. This one, Heather Smith Jones’s Water Paper Paint:

I have only just begun to explore it fully, but I had a great time over the weekend doing one of the exercises in the book, exploring brush choice, color mixing, and just the delicious joy of putting paint to paper by painting (freehand) a series of squares and rectangles. Two of these head up this post–I’ll move on to more exercise eventually, but for the moment I’m taking a ridiculous amount of pleasure from painting these shapes.

Did you get art toys for Christmas, too? If so, what?


3 responses to “Hip to paint squares?

  1. I have this book, gave it to myself a few months ago, and I haven’t made the time to dive into it. Thanks for the prod!

  2. This looks great. You’re inspiring me to try to get back to art-making this year . . . beautiful stuff throughout your blog!

  3. Thanks, Jill–coming from you that’s a wonderful compliment. I’m having a wonderful time with it all.

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