Don we now our winter apparel

It’s that time of year. After a lovely run of warm fall weather (interrupted by that freakish October snowstorm), the thermostat is creeping down and my collar is creeping up. Time for winter duds. This is me, right this minute, sitting in front of the kitchen fire working at my computer:

Warm hands, warm heart, right?

But I took a look at my kitchen Buddha last night and decided he looked a little chilly, still in his summer robes, bare shouldered and all. I couldn’t do much about the shoulders, but I could at least give him a more seasonal backdrop. So I switched out the playful pink he was wearing in his little nook (an antique sewing machine drawer in which he fits perfectly) backed by a rather frivolous pink and dotty paste paper I made last spring–here, see:

For this more seasonal attire. This is part of a gelatin monoprint I made a few weeks ago. As we slip out of our fall Ango season into the quieter days of winter, it seemed to suit him better. And, you know, since he doesn’t have any mittens . . .

Here’s a little closeup:

By the way, I made this print at an art party you can see more about at my Floating Ink’s Wandering School of Art facebook page.  Be sure to take a look at the photos from that fabulous night.

And stay warm.


One response to “Don we now our winter apparel

  1. Oh, he looks beautiful against his new backdrop. I do love those gelatin monoprints you do. I think Buddha will spend a very happy winter that way. And also, don’t despair. It’s going to be 60 tomorrow!

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