Encaustic collage

One minute I’m on a roll, making lots of art and posting pretty often, then–yikes!–there are earthquakes and trips and hurricanes and big bad booms in the middle of the night and . . . STUFF.

And more stuff is coming–travels, work, more travels–so in this wee little interval between one thing and another I thought I’d put up a quick post.

Going visiting tomorrow and hate to show up empty-handed, so this morning I dragged out toys and tools and made a quick encaustic collage to take to my mother. First, though, I took a look at one I made some time ago and don’t think I ever posted (these suckers are freaking hard to photograph, let me tell you–click here to get a better look at it).

I liked what I saw, but this one is a little too dark for Mom, I think. So I plunged in to making a new one, making use, as always, of saved up bits of paper, stamped images from the ones I’ve made, and pretty much whatever was handy. Lately I’ve been saving and printing on tea bag papers, and several of those made their way into this collage (you can also see one under the Ikkyu poem above). That’s especially fitting, I think, since this one is really about tea (again, here for a closer look).

So here ’tis:

Whaddya think? And will the TSA folks let me through security with a piece of art?


One response to “Encaustic collage

  1. bwahahahha. yeah. i know those whims of time and what it can do. and the TSA as well. be polite and naive. they are likely to look the other way. no matter what tho… keep this spirit in your art (imo). …acting like you dont know exactly what to do may help with the TSA… have fun (that may help too) aloha.

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