Kathreen drops by to visit–and winners announced!

Some of you may have been following the blog party that celebrates the publication of two wonderful new craft books for kids: Kids Crafternoon Papercraft, and Kids Crafternoon Sewing. As a special treat for me, today I get to host as guest blogger the gal who created this fabulous series of books, Whipup’s own Kathreen Ricketson.

A lightning storm that knocked out my modem last night has made me a little late in putting up this post this morning, but I’ve managed to tap into a good connection at the library. So, a little late, but finally up and running. I asked Kathreen whether she’d say a few words about working with kids who are on the craft-shy side, kids who don’t naturally gravitate towards paper and paint and glue, or to needle and thread and cloth.  You know, the ones who don’t think they can do it. Or are afraid they won’t do it right, or will not do it perfectly, or worry that they might–heaven forfend, get messy! Here’s what Kathreen has to say:

How to help kids make the most of the crafting experience

Kids are natural creatives, they have no preconceptions or expectations when making stuff. However some children may need a little nudge on their creative journey. The first thing you should do is get rid of the TV! (or at least limit its use). And the next thing to do is to have a really accessible craft box and provide them with the space to create. Because everyone is different, come children may just not have an instinct for craft – their skills might be in drawing, cooking or building forts. Learn what your kids are interested in and use that knowledge as a way to get them started on their creative journey.
We have a craft box that we are continually using and refilling. It’s not fancy – just a big box stashed underneath a book shelf. The materials in this box are not expensive, although we do have a few nice craft supplies that we save up for like paints, coloured pencils, and nice art paper. The bulk of materials are things we collect for free like crepe paper, ribbons, string, wool, leaves and feathers. We also save empty cardboard rolls, small cardboard boxes, pretty wrapping papers, interesting cards and labels – great for collage and craft play and if you have room you could also save bigger cardboard boxes as these are fantastic for cardboard construction projects. Also essential are scissors, glue and tape! When the kids get a little bored of board games, reading books and jumping on the trampoline, instead of turning on the tv, we get out the craft box.
Having the materials and space to create is the first step, the next step is to create with the kids, you don’t have to sit with them all the time, but if they are a little shy to get started or their imagination takes a little bit to kick start, you might like to sit down with them and just start drawing, cutting and glueing and see what happens. It won’t be long before the kids push you out of the way to get at that box of craft supplies.



Thanks, Kathreen. And now, my treat–I get to announce the winners of the Crafternoon books that publisher Hardie Grant sent me to give away. The Papercraft book is going out to (drumroll, please) Christine at Origami Mommy, and the Sewing book is on its way to Jennifer at Knitting AdventuresLiane at Seriously–happy crafting, both of you, and thanks to everyone who visited the blog and played along. And a different congratulations to Jennifer, who emailed to say thank you for the Sewing book, but that she had won a copy the day before on one of the other blogs in the tour! The book passed to runner-up Liane, so congrats to her.

And Jennifer, we’re all coming to your house today to shake hands with you to try to get a little of that pixie dust that makes good luck gravitate to you!

There are still more chance to win books–visit any of blogs on the rest of the party tour:

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