Wheeee–and a giveaway!

Years ago I received my first ever payment for something I’d written, launching me on my career as a freelance writer, something that still brings in much of the bread that finds its way here. These days I don’t get wildly excited about seeing my name in print unless it’s on the front of a check, but that day, the first day–I actually shook as I opened the envelope and took out real money. Not only was it a godsend for someone who at that time was living hand-to-mouth on a graduate student’s stipend, it was validation that I was a real writer. I think the Tin Woodsman who got a watch in the shape of a big heart from the Wizard of Oz must have felt a lot like I felt that day.

But a few days ago I got a whole new kind of validation: the first ever of my art/craft/right brain efforts to be bought and published in a book came over my doorstep. We’re not quite hand-to-mouth (not often, anyway) any more, but seeing my art projects in a book–a beautiful, clever, realio trulio published craft book (and having a little check to deposit!) offered a whole new kind of validation.

Whipup’s Kathreen Ricketson has brought out two more fantastic books (if you follow Whipup, you’ve seen them there), and was kind enough to include two of my projects in the one on paper crafts. Here’s the book (don’t you love those owls?):

It’s chock full of fantastic crafts for kids, ranging from simple do-it-now crafts that take a few minutes, to more elaborate projects that might take an afternoon. One of my favorites is this two-dimensional alien bookmark–don’t you just want to sit down and make dozens of these?

Or make one of these beautiful-in-their-simplicity stitch bound books?

But the best part is that you can! The publisher, Hardie Grant, has given us contributors some copies to give away to blog readers.

I’ve got two books from this series to give away–one is the Kids’ Crafternoon Papercraft book, and the other is an equally fabulous book full of simple and whimsical sewing projects, Kid’s Crafternoon Sewing.

This one offers 25 kid-do-able tutorials for things like a bunny ears hat for your favorite stuffed animal (or yourself-I have days when I’d love to rock some bunny ears as I go about my errands), a simple but stunning patchwork scarf, an easy pillow version of your favorite pet–any kid who’s handy with (or eager to become handy with) a needle and thread would love this book.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Kathreen Ricketson, editor of these wonderful books (and others) will be my guest blogger here on Floating Ink, and to celebrate that, I’m giving away a copy of each of these books. I’ll put all the entrant’s names in a hat (actually, one of two hats–one for each Kids’ Crafternoon book) and draw one name from each, then ship the books to the lucky winners. Fine print–I’m afraid I  can only ship to addresses in the continental U.S.

Just leave a comment on this blog between now and August 1, telling me which of the two books you’d like to try to win, and I’ll announce the two winners on August 2 with Kathreen’s blog post. Be sure to include a way for me to get in touch with you in your comment.

For more chances to win, visit the blogs of other contributors to these books who are participating in the blog party to celebrate the books’ publication:

  1. 22 July Poppytalk
  2. 23 July Picklebums
  3. 24 July Little Eco Footprints
  4. 25 July Beaspoke quilts
  5. 26 July Maya Made
  6. 27 July Checkout girl
  7. 28 July The red thread
  8. 29 July We Wilsons
  9. 30 July Maggie Makes
  10. 31 July Mmm Crafts
  11. 1 August Domesticali
  12. 2 August Floating Ink–Me!
  13. 3 August Elizabeth Abernathy
  14. 4 August Mommy Coddle
  15. 5 August The Long Thread
  16. 6 August Hannah Fletcher
  17. 7 August Between the lines
  18. 8 August Go Make Me

And, finally, can I offer a little peek at one of my critters that you’ll find in the Papercraft book? Comic Cat (and her friend Map Pup) make up the Paper Menagerie you’ll find in the book. Wheeee!


9 responses to “Wheeee–and a giveaway!

  1. Congratulations! They both sound like fantastic books. It’s a great thing to see your name in print, especially in a craft book. I’m very happy for you!

  2. Congratulations! I have always loved and admired your crafts and am so happy that you are included in this book! You’re right: it’s the best kind of validation, and so many more people will now get to see (and try) your adorable projects. I’m so happy for you, too! My favorite would be the papercraft one, although both books look splendid.

  3. It’s great to see fun kids books coming out and nice to get reviews. My little crafters would love to get their hands on either of the two. Probably the sewing book just a little more since they’re starting to sew, but they’d have a great time with paper too. (me too 🙂 ) I wish you continued success with the writing.

  4. I have been eyeing those books:) So glad you are included. Would love the sewing book! be well:)

  5. It’s fun following along with this blog party! I can’t wait for these books to come out…I think I would use the sewing one more but they both look great!

  6. I would love to win the sewing book please!

  7. So great – I love the name as well. Little ones here looking forward to crafternoons in future.

  8. GREAT!!!!

  9. Veronica from CherryWalls

    I hope it is not too late. I would love to win the papercraft book!

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