No, it’s not the Acropolis

It’s my latest score from the Goodwill store. Over the weekend I prowled through their craft supplies and found 6 (SIX!) boxes of rubber stamps.  For a total of $6. The crafting kind. But, alas, the prefab, determined kind. I am never, though, going to use the rubber parts of these stamps. Cutesy designs. Way toooo cutesy for my taste.

Not that I’m 100% opposed to premade rubber stamps. I have a few. I might use them someday. But what I like best, of course, are my own creations–images of my choice carved out of some wonderful carving medium or another. Love these. Have hundreds of them. But what I don’t have–mostly–are wooden blocks to mount them on. You know, so you have something to hold onto while you’re stamping.

And the previous owner of these stamps, bless her (I’m assuming “her”) never mounted the rubber parts to the wooden block handles that came with them, so I can use them to back my stamps. Woo hoo!

Now, where’s my glue?


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