New clothes for a familiar blog

So, whaddya think? A new look for the old blog. It was time for a change–for one thing, I was looking for a theme with larger type, but mostly I felt it was time to turn the lights on around here.

Good things are happening for Floating Ink–the blog, the person, some new challenges and opportunities. Everything will connect soon.

In the meantime, it never hurts to open the windows and let in a little sunshine, right?




2 responses to “New clothes for a familiar blog

  1. Well…part of me misses the “lights out” look but I’m always resistant to change so don’t mind me. I actually feel like I can read this better. (I’m going for larger and larger type these days. Guess why.) All in all, handsome and clean and legible. And as my friend Mark said in response to my question about the height of a new big screen TV here, just wait two weeks.

    Love the photos of Bee Day, by the way.


  2. think it looks smashing.

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