Harmony and me

Have you found Harmony yet? I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with it since I found the link to the program on Geninne’s Art Blog. And I’m making all my friends try it, too.

{NOTE: A couple of you have written me to say you can’t access the site from my link. It has definitely worked for some people, so I think it’s alright. When you get to the Harmony page, you don’t see much: a tiny black square at the top edge of the page, a box that says “web,” and a couple of control words like “clear” and “save.” Just grab the cursor and move it around–all will be revealed.}

Sort of like a drug.

But look! The things you can do with this! And it’s free!  I seem to have gotten fixated on the “web” tool, but there are others.

I like this one of some hungry ghosts:

And also this, a boatman and his dog:

And this little simple one:

And one more, a bit more complex:

What are you waiting for?

Go . . . play!


6 responses to “Harmony and me

  1. bwahahahahahaha. i found this place long ago. and it’s too fun. you’ve made some great little works with it.

    btw. for some reason i couldnt exactly get there with your link (it may be my machine tho) but i googled “scribbler” and got it.

    now i have to try to forget it or i’ll be playing all day AND night. bwahahahahahaha fun. thanks. aloha.

    • I’ve convinced myself that this one counts as a virtuous time-waster. I have mixed feelings about computer art programs, but having seen the work that several different people have made with it, I think it’s a great, freeing drawing tool. So play on!

  2. Oh wow, oh wow. I think this may get me started on a new addiction! By the way, your banner is gorgeous. Is that your work?

    • Thanks, Christine! Yeah, it’s a time eater, alright, but it’s so much fun! It lets you use other tools and change colors, too, but I don’t feel like I’ve exhausted the web thing yet. Would love to see what you make with it.

      Thanks for the kind note about the header, too. It is a photo of mine, part of a series of pictures I took inside an abandoned and crumbling swimming pool in, of all places, the woods halfway up a mountain at a zen Buddhist monastery in the Catskill mountains. It has some pretty funky dragons on what’s left of the walls, too.

  3. This is too cool – we’re all smitten here – thanks for the heads up!

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