Notepad Tower

You know how Leonard Cohen has his Tower of Song? Guess what I have a tower of.

Okay, it’s not quite as impressive as it looks, but it does represent the work of the better part of a weekend. Yeah, you could certainly print a design off your computer and take it to your local print and copy shop and they’d make nifty little notepads with your design on them, and probably not charge you much and probably do a good job on them.

But, really, I know you. If you didn’t have strong cravings to spend one of the last nice fall weekends cutting out many many many homemade stamps, getting Master Carve bits all over your kitchen and ink all over your hands and clothes and looking at your family members like they’re a few hairs shy of a paintbrush when they imply that they’d like to eat at said table then you’d be reading some other blog and learning how to so something sensible like increase your income potential or give yourself a manicure (it was the ink under your fingers that gave you away) or learn how to make homemade ravioli instead of these:

And I know you wouldn’t think twice about getting all those nice cheap paper shorts you picked up over the months from that nice print shop, making neat little stacks of them all over the kitchen counters and stamping your designs on each page while everyone else goes off to play and your better half is starting to bristle when you say, “Oh, my sweetest darling, could you just run this one to work/pick up that one from a friend’s house/grab a little milk while you’re out because, my heart’s darling, I am sort of right in the middle of something.”

Do I know you? You know I do.

And that’s how I know that you’d like a quick little tutorial on how to make your own fully authentic and artistic note pads that will only take about 40 times longer to make than it would be to pick them up from the copy shop, because making them yourself will make you and the friends to whom you give them so much happier.

So I’m going to give you one.

Only I cheated because I’ve sort of already made them and I sort of forgot to take pictures as I went along.

But because it is you I am going to show you how to make ONE notepad and you, being terribly efficient and clever, are going to extrapolate and immediately see how it would make much more sense and be so much more satisfying to keep at it until you have your very own Tower of Notebook.

Yep, I am going to do this later today.  I promise.


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