After many weekends away, or here with work, I finally got a two day stretch in which to play. No one was able to use the kitchen table for a whole weekend because I had it strewn with carving tools and materials, bits of paper, paper cutters . . . it was great. I turned out about 40 handmade note pads featuring my hand-carved stamps.

Here are a few:

On Monday when I stopped into the copy store to buy more sheets of cardboard for the notebook backs, I found in the shorts bin (from which the shop sells stacks of cut paper that would otherwise go to waste) a lot of appealing paper stacks and a dozen stacks already made into nice blank white paper notebooks.

Only then did it dawn on me that instead of printing my papers, assembling them in a cardboard backed stack and then binding them with padding compound (2 coats, with a rest to dry in between), I could probably simply have bought unstamped, already assembled note pads and just stamped on the pages. It would have cost a bit more, but would have been waaay quicker.

So I might do that next time.

Or I might not.


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