Linen covered book

Since I raided the local odd lots store last month for about 2 dozen of the linen and cotton kitchen towels they were selling for 50 cents each, I’ve been trying to use them in as many different ways as possible (I haven’t yet used them as actual dish towels, but it may come to that).

This one became the cover fabric for a coptic stitched blank journal I made for a milestone birthday for my sister. The linen was a little on the thick side–great for wiping dishes, not as great for book cloth–but I’m tickled with how it came out. The art on the cover is a watercolored print from one of my hand-carved stamps. The interior pages, which are a creamy white, are from a block of Sennelier “Le Maxi” sketching paper that I snagged on sale (the cellophane wrapper of the block was torn, but the paper was perfect) from my local Dick Blick store a while back.

I made a similar one with a kraft paper cover, red enameled eyelets for the waxed linen thread to go through and a handpainted, hand-carved stamp of a bird for a friend whose birthday was last week, but that one didn’t get photographed. In fact, I was so late in finishing it that I sat at the table in the tea shop where some friends and I were celebrating her birthday and finished the coptic stitching as we chatted over our iced teas on a hot afternoon. She was pleased–said it was like getting a present and a show.

(At least) one more to go, for yet another friend with an August birthday. Jeez, you’d think that December was a cold month or something.


3 responses to “Linen covered book

  1. just came over here to ask if you have seen the latest Gwen Diehn book as I know you love her previous volumes. Couldn’t get it through library loan so I wound up buying it sight unseen. Am so glad I did!!!!

  2. Jeeze–can you tell I’ve been neglecting my blog?! I just got a whole stack of her books through interlibrary loan. There’s a great one on book making that’s targeted at kids but I’m enjoying it, too.

  3. I love the idea of bookmaking and have collected a few resources. I wish I lived closer to you. I would *love* to apprentice alongside you and watch you create your art. As I get older, the creative urge in me is feeling stronger and stronger, and I’m recalling all my childhood art classes, and wishing I could go back! Printing and mixed media and so much of what you do is what I’m gravitating towards right now…

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