Little foxes

Last Sunday we spotted two women in blue uniforms walking through our back yard.  Turned out they were Animal Control officers trying to track a fox that motorists had reported as facing down their cars in the road in front of our house. They responded quickly and followed the fox into our yard (which is big with lots of woods around it). They couldn’t find it, but told us it was acting sick and we should keep the dogs inside until the matter was resolved. We’ve had a few rabies scares over the years, so we took this seriously.

The fox was spotted by our next door neighbor a few days later, sitting in our driveway–he called Animal Control and then called us, but before they got here it was gone.

That was 5 days ago, and no fox has been seen since. We’ve been taking the dogs out with us when they have to go, and keeping them in otherwise. But I’m starting to lighten up a bit about that–I think it may have died since then.

Meanwhile, between my Better Half and me, we’ve spotted 6 dead foxes in the roads around here since then.  This makes me sad (though I’m happy not to have had an encounter with a sick one). I think foxes are beautiful and rather magical, and it’s always a little thrill to have an encounter with a live one in or near our yard.

But it got me thinking of some foxes I’ve been making lately. This one, a little pen and watercolor sketch, came first:

This one followed–a hand-carved stamp version of the drawing.

Then this, a stamped cork trivet for my sister, whose married name is Fox.

Last night my better half was puttering in the kitchen, whistling. The tune? “Oh, the fox went out on a chilly night . . .”. Hear it for yourself here, and watch out for foxes.


One response to “Little foxes

  1. i love the watercolor sketch, so so much. foxes are amazing, because they’re such a perfect balance of dog and cat (or so they always seemed to me).

    it makes me sad to hear about rabid, and dying, ones. boo. i rarely saw them growing up in massachusetts (they’re smart as a…) unless they were rabid. you had to keep your distance, but i was always so tempted to try to bring one home and curl up in bed with it.

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