Gone crazy . . .

Sign seen in Woodstock NY last week. It makes a change from “Closed for lunch–back at 2.”

If you come here often you may have thought that I, perhaps, had also gone crazy (with plans to be back soon), but it’s just, you know . . . May.  Always busy. And this one brought many trips I had to make–all good, but blogging got put on the back burner.

Last year (and perhaps the year before) I responded to a challenge from some fellow writers to “Blog Every Day in May.” Probably just as well I didn’t take that one up this time–you can see what a blogging slacker I’ve been. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some cool things for show and tell, and this weekend I plan to share as much of that stuff as I can get to, so look out for a flurry of postings.

Then in June I’ll pick up again with more regularity.

In the meantime, “Gone crazy, back soon” has become my favorite line to put on out-of-office-memos when I do have to be away.


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