Waste not . . .

After doing some watercolor thank you notes for some friends who helped us out of a jam recently, I started looking at the little dribs and drabs (though most of them weren’t drab at all) left in the palette sections of my paint box.

There were several very small pieces of paper on the table–ATC-sized mini Bristol board (would it surprise you to know that we very rarely actually eat at the table because it’s always buried under art supplies and books?), so I started piddling with how the little daubs of color would look together.

And there was at least one pen, so the little daubs became a drawing. Here are two of the ones that caught my fancy:

Never wash out your palette–you never know when you might need those colors!


One response to “Waste not . . .

  1. aloha Floating Ink – if these are ATC size – specifically 2.5 x 3.5 inches – (the one requirement for all ATCs) – i’d say you’re well on your way to becoming a trader/player/participant in the mail art world if you wanted to explore in that direction… …and if they are not actual ATC size ,doing more with your unwasted palette paint in the ATC size looks like it would be easy for you to do…

    i find the mail art world a lot of fun, but it is way easy to become over committed too – so i’d encourage you to pace yourself if you start exploring and doing Postal Art (Mail Art)…

    i too, “use up” both acrylic and watercolor pools, paper scraps and other bits and gems on a variety of projects that i always have going – from backgrounds in altered books, ATCs, postcards etc. to final touches on more finished work…

    have fun – that’s always a good thing to do imo. – aloha – Wrick

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