I’m being held captive . . .

. . . in my own office. Second child is hosting her sweet sixteen party in the living room. And the kitchen. And the den. So My Better Half and I are making occasional forays into their territory to make sure that everyone’s holding their pinky out while they drink their tea, but otherwise, we are a room away listening to the din dulcet tones of high school students celebrating a birthday as only they can. Pizza is on its way.

How did we get here? Not only, I mean, to the 16th birthday of our younger child (but, really, how do these things happen?), but also to the middle of March with nary a blog post.

Actually, pretty much art-making has been going on. I will post tomorrow (really) about an amazing art day I spent with friends recently, but right now I’m working on an assignment, approaching it in baby steps. So far it’s taken the shape of . . . well, imagine the child of a quilt and a page of postage stamps.

My goal is to create a tiny painting every day for 90 days. A painting of something so quotidian that it tends to get overlooked–like a perfect, full March moon, or my trusty steel sports bottle. Or a painting of something so astonishing and unexpected that it whacks me upside the head, like a flock of bright green parrots–parrots, for heaven’s sake–in a tree at the New England shoreline.

So far, just a few days. I tried, really I did, to paint every single day. But what seems to be happening is that I make a little sketch every day, and once a week transfer these images to the quilt. Here’s where we are so far:

And here’s a detail. Stay tuned for more.


4 responses to “I’m being held captive . . .

  1. Interesting challenge. I hope you post more as you go along.

  2. aha! now I know what the balloons were for! Happy Birthday Second Child!

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