Inky fingers

That’s what I have this morning, in spite of some serious scrubbing.

The weekend was cold. Way cold. Frozen pipe cold. The best place to be after dinner was either in the den, where the space heater lives and my handmade and printed noren (originally designed to capture chilled air in the summer) is doing double duty keeping the nice warm air in, or the kitchen, where the wood stove was humming along. My better half chose the former, where the TV also lives and where they were running a Bourne marathon, but Dinah and I settled down in front of the wood stove with a couple of carving tools and a new block of Master Carve.

Quite a few hours later (but still in time to catch most of The Bourne Ultimatum), we (okay, I–Dinah was mostly helpful at snoring and hogging the warm air) had a tidy stack of new hand-carved stamps in front of us. I got 13 good stamps out of a 4 x 6″ block of Master Carve, and still have a couple of good sized pieces left, plus the backs of a couple of pieces on which I have (so far) used only the fronts.

My better half likes this one best:

We are big William the Hippo fans around here–this guy joins our collection of two ceramic Williams (that get pride of place on the Christmas tree every year), a stuffed William toy, and a sterling silver William pin.

Second Child likes this guy best:

We are also serious Hayao Miyazaki fans, and this fellow was inspired by the susuwatari (soot sprites) that appear in both My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

But my favorite stamp of the evening is this one:

Guess what I want for my birthday this year? Chocolate brown. Women’s size 9. Converse, are you listening?

Oh, and a carton full of Mastercarve. Staedtler, are you listening, too?

Hey, a girl can dream, right?


2 responses to “Inky fingers

  1. you had some serious fun, didn’t you. It’s still damn cold up here but my work room is the warmest place in the house. So I’m pretty much camped out in here but not getting a great deal accomplished. Too busy watching birds and squall patterns. Dream ON for your birthday! Your wishes are fine indeed.

  2. These are so cool! I can completely see you in those chocolate sneakers. We’re going to have to do some visualizations. Maybe the Goodwill store?

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