Coasting along

Every couple of weeks I try to spend an hour exploring at our local Goodwill store. This past trip yielded up some great goodies. First, three wonderful linen shirts (I love linen), one of which still had the tags in it.

As I wandered through the housewares department, though, I spotted these:

A tall stack of thick paper drink coasters, like the ones you get in bars and restaurants. About 50 of them, neatly stacked up and secured with a rubber band.

For a buck.

Of course I scooped them up. There must be a million wonderful things I can do with these.

They were adorned on both sides with ads for vodka:

Not being one to need more encouragement to buy vodka (my drug of choice being an extremely icy 5:1 vodka gimlet), I didn’t need the ads, and immediately set about covering the coasters on both sides with gesso.

Being coasters, they did what coasters are designed to do: they sucked that gesso right up. Here they are after the first coat:

And here they are after the third coat–much more like it:

I still haven’t decided what to do with all of them, but here’s one I picked out of the stack to play with. I stamped my old Daruma image onto one and then painted it with a little watercolor, which (though this image is a tad fuzzy) it took well.

Second child suggests that I make some round books. Hmm . . .


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