Knitters without borders

It hasn’t been a good news week, has it?

Between Haiti and the Massachusetts special election disaster and the deaths of two of my very most favorite musical folks (Kate McGarrigle and Lhasa de Sela), I’ve had to put myself in a little news blackout for a day or two. Sometimes a person just has to do that for a little while.

But not before I tried to help a little.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot) is helping a lot. Her organization Knitters Without Borders has inspired knitters all over to send what amounts to a boatload of money (they’re closing in on a million dollars) to Doctors Without Borders to help with emergency relief. DWB were themselves hit pretty hard in the Haitian earthquake. They need our help so they can continue their good work of helping others (no matter who they are or where they are).

KWB doesn’t actually collect donations (read more about it at Knitters Without Borders faq). They just encourage people to help, and keep track of reports of giving, the best kind of encouragement sometimes in situations like this, in which it’s tempting to think “this crisis is too big to be dealt with,” or “I can afford so little that I might as well not donate at all,” or “someone else will do it.” For me the coolest thing about KWB is that it demonstrates right up front that a little bit of money times a whole lot of folks can add up to a significant amount of good work.

The Floating Ink household is not exactly rolling in it this year (hmm, or any year within recent memory) but this week DWB got my little stash of quarters (plus a little kick in from My Better Half) that I save all year to spend at the Duchess County Sheep and Wool show in Rhinebeck, NY in October. I’ll have time to save more quarters between now and October, and I can (shhh–don’t tell) get by with a little less fleece, but DWB and the folks in Haiti need help now.

I don’t know anyone who’s in terrific financial shape these days, but (in spite of what my mother thinks) my house isn’t falling down around my ears.  If yours isn’t either, pony up a few bucks to the emergency relief organization of your choice.


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