Origami on steroids

Over the holidays I came across an astonishing program on PBS about paper folding masters. Here’s a clip:

All my life I’ve dabbled in simple origami–a fish, a frog, a crane, a shrimp. But this program blew me away. I immediately went to my library’s web site and had them get me all the books they could by the artists profiled in the program.

Yesterday I sat down and folded my first slightly more complicated one. It’s light years from the fabulous folds I saw on the television program, but a bit more advanced than what I was doing. I wonder how many simple things one has to fold before being able to branch out and create new forms.

I’m guessing lots.  But here’s a start:


One response to “Origami on steroids

  1. oh my son is so into this… fabulous beast!

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