Birds of a feather . . . or of wool

My mother, who doesn’t get out as much as she used to, has grown fond of the birds that frequent her back yard. She used to fuss at my dad for feeding them, calling it “bird welfare,” but these days, with dad no longer with us, she has taken on the task of keeping their feeders full and keeping a watchful eye on them.  She watches the birds so much that she’s afraid the neighbors, who see her at the window with her binoculars, think she’s watching them.*

She hates the neighbor’s cat, a skillful hunter of songbirds.

With winter upon us, I decided she needed a hummingbird for her house.

So I needle felted her one:

Once I got started, it wasn’t so easy to stop. Not only did she get a hummingbird, but several other birds, all native to the part of Tennessee where she lives, also found their way south to her house for the holidays:

She ended up with a cardinal, an owl, the hummingbird, a bluebird, and a goldfinch. About the goldfinch, the less said the better. He’s apparently from the shallow end of the goldfinch gene pool, and I hope to replace him soon with a more advanced goldfinch.

The cardinal is my favorite:

Special thanks to my niece, who made sure a nice sturdy branch was waiting for the felted birds to perch on when they arrived in Tennessee. And merry Christmas, Mom. Spring down your way is only about 3 more months away.


*Oh, okay, so maybe she’s doing a little of that, too.


One response to “Birds of a feather . . . or of wool

  1. Alix Boyle Copel


    These are spectacular! Now I’ll have to take up needle felting!


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