Over the summer, Second Child got to be fond of taking long walks; she often brought home things she found that she thought I would like. Among them were the dried husks of several cicadas. And a wonderful intact–though dead–dragonfly that still retains much of its iridescent brilliance. The cicadas live on the top shelf of my desk. All summer they’ve been looking down at me while I’ve been looking up at them. Here is one of them, perched atop a discarded bit of nice wood left over from a fly-rod handle turned by my Better Half; it sits next to a little origami Jizo and a wonderful sculpture by Second Child.

Tonight I set up shop in my studio (i.e., our kitchen table) to play with painting them.

A sumi ink cicada:

And another:

The dragonfly in watercolor. I’m trying to work in monochrome:

Ditto for a katydid we found last week. Its body looks more like a leaf than a leaf does. But its face is ghostly:

The katydid had to be put outside immediately after its sitting–it smelled horrible. But the others are back on my shelf. I think I’m going to want to keep working on those cicadas.


2 responses to “Bugs

  1. Glad I found this while browsing through the list of dragonfly posts.

  2. Thank you–he was so lovely I had to try to paint him.

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