Travels and tutorial

Of course, the reason I haven’t finished the long project I’m working on for my sister’s birthday is that I’ve hardly been around. Four weekend trips in four consecutive weekends have left me playing catch-up.

I’ve been here:

Note: the Mike’s cap is just here for scale–tiny red efts were everywhere–but it was handy. It was that kind of weekend.

But I’m back, back at work on the many parts of this project. One of them warranted making some new hand-cut stamps, and those, in turn, seemed to warrant a little tutorial. So here goes.

Tiny Stamp Tutorial

What you need:

Small amounts of craft foam

Sharp scissors with a fine point

Stamp pad ink


Ordinary white school glue

A fine-tip marker that will show against the foam

Spare Scrabble tiles (easy to find on eBay, etsy, or at second-hand stores)

A sheet of white shipping labels

  • Draw your designs, tile-sized or smaller, on the foam and cut them out. Simple designs work best. I’ve embellished some of mine by using a 1/8″ hole punch to create details

  • Glue the foam pieces to the blank sides of the Scrabble tiles (it doesn’t really matter much which side you glue them on, but this way the letters on them won’t show in the finished stamp. Use the toothpick to clear away any excess glue, taking care to make sure any holes in the designs aren’t filled up with glue. Let dry for about 30 minutes.

  • Using the stamp ink, stamp each design onto the sheet of mailing labels.  Leave enough room between each one that you can cut around it and have it fit on the back of the tile.
  • Then cut out each design, centering it in the middle of a tile-sized square (and orienting the label to correspond to the placement of the foam shape on the other side, and you’re done.


2 responses to “Travels and tutorial

  1. What a wonderful little tutorial, Nancy! I love these stamps, and they look easy to do. I think my boys would love them. So you did these with scissors and not a cutter or any other such tool? The circles look so tiny!

  2. Thanks, Christine–I did use a 1/8″ hole punch for the tiny little circles in the centers of the flowers, the bird’s eye, the giraffe spots and for the back of the turtle (who turned out to be too big to fit on the letter tile–sigh). It’s a perfect project for kids–easy and quick with child safe glues and inks.

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