Rabbit rabbit rabbit–and a message for my sister

On my morning shore walk I pass a place that Second Child and I call the bunny yard. It’s a beautifully landscaped and maintained little private garden that’s always, but always, inhabited by little brown rabbits.  The garden is hedged in with lush bushes heavily laden (at least in summer) with thick clusters of tiny pink roses.

Here is the sign–about 4″ high–at the gate:

How on earth did it get to be September already? First Child is back in college, Second child in her school here.  The weather turned so suddenly and dramatically cool and crisp (on, appropriately Second Child’s first day back to school) that you would swear someone had yelled “CUE FALL!”–I needed a sweater on my walk this morning.

The fact that it’s September, though, means I’m also quite late finishing my sister’s birthday present. It’s coming along in parts and stages.

Which I’ll show you some of. Unless, that is, you happen to be my sister. If you are (and if you’re not, you’ll know it), I respectfully request that you not read any further, and that, in fact, you don’t read this blog any more until the coast is clear. Wouldn’t want to give anything away.  Maybe take a walk around the block until, say . . . the end of the month.

Surely I’ll be done by then.

Who snickered?


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