Moose mod

Got a boring long-sleeved t-shirt? Got scissors? Got 45 seconds?  Then you, too, can have a spiffy little summer sweater.

Amy, over at Angry Chicken, shows you how.   Seriously, the hardest part will be remembering where your scissors are. Making the sweater will take less time than it will take to read this post.

Here’s the version I made Second Child about 2 minutes after I saw the one at Angry Chicken:

Can you tell I still have all my freezer paper stenciling stuff laying about?  The moose motif (she likes moose . . .er . . .  mooses . . . um . . . meese?) came from a rubber stamp–I scanned a print from it, enlarged it a bit, and used a copy of it to cut my stencils.

We didn’t let the cuffs go to waste, either.


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