Dumb happens

As I said before, my first foray into woodcutting was great fun. A real challenge. Cool.

And dangerous. I forgot to show you my new favorite woodcarving supplies.

And the reason for them.

I left out the Connecticut Chain Saw Massacre pictures. Suffice it to say it wasn’t as bad as it would have looked in those pictures but that fingers (and fingernails) are a lot easier to carve through than wood.

Sitting at dinner that night I looked at my finger and said, “I still can’t believe I did that.”

“Well, you know,” said my Better Half. “Dumb happens.”


2 responses to “Dumb happens

  1. This made me laugh, although i am very sorry about your injuries. But thank you for adding a new phrase to my vocabulary. xoxo

  2. Yeah, they’ll probably post my picture next to the phrase when it makes it into the dictionary! Since I posted that, though, I’ve heard lots of other stories of much more interesting art related injuries (you should see the hands and arms of an artist friend of mine who works with molten glass). Maybe I should stick to my writing–I haven’t managed to hurt myself with my keyboard . . . yet.

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