I’m busy making things like crazy. Several things that might be long-term projects or trial runs for long-term projects are on the drawing board. In fact, there are so many plans in my head that it’s making me a little frantic.

Maybe one of these days after I get over what still feels like a frenzy of ideas (though perhaps that in itself is a good thing I should hang onto) I’ll settle into concentrating on one or two media. Or approaches. But for now I’m just pulling ideas out of the air as fast as I can net them.

Sometimes this feels a little crazy making. A long daily walk keeps me sane. Even though we’ve had a run of cold and wet weather and it feels like summer (a cool-ish, damp-ish one) only just arrived a couple of days ago, there is much beauty out there and the colors and scents are almost overwhelming in themselves.

Yesterday was a good day for colors. Every one imaginable:

I restrained my impulse to gather a few out of each garden I passed and stopped instead at a roadside stand on the way home so I could bring part of the riot home to my office:


2 responses to “ROY G BIV

  1. great bouquet! and it does seem like a good backdrop for creative overdrive. I’m sure it will be wonderful to view the fruits of your labor …

  2. These are beautiful flowers. I believe a short google journey has brought me to the site of an “old” high school friend. What a delight.

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