Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

For once I have a great rabbit, rabbit, rabbit with which to begin the month. I’ve been working on this little guy for quite a while, and now that he’s safely off at his new home (he was conceieved, as it were, as a birthday gift for a rabit-loving friend) I can show him to you here.

He was a blast to make, and though I say he took a bit of time, it wasn’t his fault (nor, for once, mine).  It was the weather. As much as I love stormy grayness, a month of non-stop rain and creeping dampness in these parts has been tough on crafts that need some drying time.

He began life as some scraps of light canvas and some polyfill (recycled, I confess, from a stuffed toy coatimundi that my dogs loved to death) and first took shape thusly:

A few coats of gesso and a few of black acrylic paint–plus hours of drying time and the fortuitous arrival of two sunny days just as my deadline was looming–and a bunny was born.

If you’d like to see more photos of how I made him (and take a sneak peek at his cute little bunny butt), check out his set on my flickr site.

Second Child wants one now. Also black, with silver studs down his back. And I think there may be some more whimsical ones in my future. Stay tuned.


4 responses to “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

  1. Psst! I know where bunny’s hiding now. Though bunny is entirely photogenic, he’s also just darn pleasing to hold in the hands; there is an unexpected heft to the little guy. You’d really like him if you could have him. But you can’t. :~)

  2. wow you got TWO sunny days! We had just one but since it was also my birthday I felt like the whole thing was a winning lottery ticket.

  3. Well, they were two days on which the sun came out brilliantly for a bit before the rain started again, but that was enough.

    Glad you got some sunbeams for your birthday, Acey!

  4. he is a bit unusual!

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