Homemade inspiration must be in the air. Second Child got all hepped up about making onion rings this morning. With Vidalia onions. I was able to hold her off until 11:30 this morning, then she dived in and made them. Aren’t they beautiful?

The sad thing? She doesn’t even like onion rings. Nor does the Better Half.  Crazy People.  It was up to First Child and me to do our duty by them.

It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. They were the best ever.  Sweet and tender inside, shatteringly crisp outside. We made a whole lunch out of them.

There is art afoot, too–don’t worry. As I type this I have three new gelatin plates in a variety of sizes waiting for me in the kitchen. They look like good, durable ones.  I’m waiting for a stroke of inspiration of my own, but I promise there will be printing within the next few hours.


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