Make that 11 things . . .

That top ten list of art supplies I must have?

I forgot something important–my art journal. Ideas, inspiration, reminders, project ideas, sketches of things I see and about which I think, “hey, how hard would it be to make one of those myself?

Way back a few months ago I posted some pictures of the one I was using then.  Here’s one of those.

I’ve got a new one idea book now, a blank journal that strikes precisely the right note between cool enough that it makes me itch to write and draw in it, and not so cool that you think, “Oh, I couldn’t mark that up.” It also has little pink and orange flowers embedded in its handmade paper pages, which are sometimes tricky to write over, but which add another sensory layer to working in it.

Most of my ideas have to percolate for a while before they take physical form, so a quick note or sketch in the journal, plus time, can eventually yield some good stuff. Without this, there might be no art around here. And who knows what these might eventually give rise to:





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