More wall hangings

I tell you, once you start making these things . . .

Here are two more I cobbled together in just a few minutes:

I must confess that the artwork on this beautiful suminagashi (floating ink) of the hazy moon is not my own work, but that of Second Child, who dashed it off during a break in one of my long marbling sessions when she was about 12 years old.  It was one of those “can I make one, too?” moments, after which she was done. And it’s more beautiful than any I’ve ever done. Beginner’s mind, you know? Anyway, too gorgeous to need words, but a little piece of beautiful ribbon from a birthday package fits just right.

And this one has been hanging on my bulletin board for a long time, but I was inspired by this project to turn it into a more formal hanging:

I need to jiggle the bottom binder on this one to even it up a little, huh? This one’s also a little different from the others in that I added the quotation by putting the original work (done on some high end yellow handmade–not by me–paper a long time ago) through my old printer way back when it was getting so cranky I tried putting all kinds of paper through it, figuring the printer was pretty much moribund anyway. I’m not sure I’d do it on the new printer. Use non-printer-friendly papers at your own risk. This one came out well, though, don’t you think?


2 responses to “More wall hangings

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  2. Oh, thank you, Sarah, for the kind words. On with the blogathon!

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