The Month of Azaleas

In Japan, May is the month of azaleas.

Around here, it’s the month of birthdays. Three in my family, which we have a habit of stretching so they pretty much dominate the month. We are big on birthdays, and do them up right.

Here, for instance, is a little birthday package I recently put together for a friend:

First Child was born on my birthday, leading us to the inescapable conclusion that our birthday is sort of a birthday squared, as it were.  We indulge ourselves as much as possible.  Neither of us worked today, we both slept in (a practice he takes much more seriously than I do), and we made ourselves our mutual favorite cake:  an old-fashioned southern coconut cake.

I had a lovely day and was spoiled by friends and family. Lunch was brought in. I puttered all morning, bringing in flowers for the house.

See? I told you–azaleas:

There were lovely gifts:

And from My Better Half, a fabulous printer to replace the one that is rather less fabulous than it was several years ago. It prints. It scans. It spits out unbelievably professional looking photos. It takes instructions from every computer in the house. It mixes the cocktails, makes the beds, and cleans up after the dogs.* And it does it all wirelessly, which blows my mind. Magic. Isn’t it pretty?

And of course:

Happy birthday, First Child. And many thanks and much love to Second Child and Better Half and my friends.


*Okay, so I lied about the dogs and the beds, but it makes a mean vodka gimlet.


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