A little rejuvenation break

Yesterday was one of those days–a rendering unto Caesar day. I got my car emissions tested (and passed–hurrah for 10 year old Subaru wagons!). I filled out and submitted First Child’s junior year FAFSA. I renewed my car’s registration.  And I did the paperwork for renewing my drivers’ license, which expires this week (as soon as this post is done I’m hopping over to the DMV, which I actually never mind much because I think of it as free time for some recreational reading).

So this morning I’m indulging in a little fortification. I dropped Second Child at school at 6:30 and headed straight to the shore, where I had a wonderful walk. It’s finally really spring here (even a Southern transplant like me can tell it today), the air was warming, and there weren’t many people afoot when I got there (by the time I finished my walk all the regulars and their dogs were out taking the air).

The tide was waaaaay out and the sand was left in wide corrugations.

The rocks were nearly as green as the trees and the grass finally are:

The flowers in people’s gardens are in wonderful bloom:

It was a nice day to have gotten up early.

I came home, sat zazen, did a little yoga, and finally broke down and tried the green smoothie that my fellow writer and dear friend Sandi keeps assuring me will change my life.  She wasn’t completely convinced that my Cuisinart would do the trick, and she was right about this–my big handfuls of baby spinach, frozen blueberries, and frozen strawberries turned into something more like a granita with little flecks of green it in than like the smooth drink it would have been if I’d been using a real blender. I persevered, though, and thinned the icy slush with some orange juice, and–success!

With all due respect to my regular oatmeal, this may well be the breakfast of champions. And Sandi was right–it is delicious and doesn’t taste a bit like spinach (I like spinach, but, you know–I was sceptical about the combination). And my green smoothie isn’t green at all, due mostly to a heavy dose of blueberries. In fact, I think it looks rather nice against this little Japanese maple tree and my wabi sabi well house.

But I really think I need to buy a blender now. Right after I get done at the DMV.


3 responses to “A little rejuvenation break

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