While I had the carving tools out yesterday I started futzing around with another stamp, but life intervened and I didn’t get to finish it until tonight.

Daruma, another name for the Indian monk who is credited with bringing Buddhism to the east (remember, he was traveling from India to China), is also the name given to a toy wishing doll. When given a Daruma, you use paint or a pen to fill one of his missing pupils–traditionally, the right one. As you do so, you make a wish, and when the wish is fulfilled or your goal achieved, you fill in the other one.

Here he is in progress:

Not sure why he’s in black and white–maybe because at this stage, those were his only colors. In the background you can see several Daruma shapes I cut from paper while working him out. I’m not really very good at sketching things, but I often do pretty well cutting out shapes freehand and then tracing around them–that’s what happened here. See that faint writing on the piece of Mastercarve? Those are instructions to any kid who might come along hoping  to “borrow” that block–it was my last little piece.

Somewhere along the line, I gave him a friend and painted them with red and gold watercolors.

Here they are finished, in several iterations.

You can see that I filled in the wrong eye on the original (unpainted) stamps, but that was easily fixed–I just carved out the pupil and then, after stamping the other cards, filled it in the right one on the stamped image with a permanent marker.

I’ve got a big challenge coming up, so perhaps that’s why Daruma has been on my mental drawing board for a while. I think I’ll put the card with the single one on my desk and fill in the empty eye once I’ve successfully met this goal. Stay tuned . . .


4 responses to “Daruma

  1. Oh, this is really charming. Of course I am a sucker for a wishing doll any day. Even in two dimensions, this has that hold-in-your-hand charm of a worry stone, a good luck charm, etc. Thanks for introducing me to Daruma. (I think I am in love.)

  2. Ooh, thank you!

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