Haven’t even started and I’m already behind

Once again I’ve succumbed responded to a challenge to blog every day in May.  And what day is it?

Yeah. May 2.

And have I blogged here yet this month?

I have not. Too busy yesterday dancing around the May Pole and marching for labor rights. Well, in spirit, anyway.

Still–never too late, right? So I’m jumping in again. This time I’m going with a little theme–going to try to post the result of my attempt at a different art every day this month.

Some things I am good at, some . . . not so much. Let’s start the month with one of each.

Remember the needle felted versions of my dogs that I made a bit ago? Here’s a little giraffe to keep them company (note his showing off the giraffy goodness of his little mane here–looks sort of like a giraffe mohawk).

What?! Your dogs don’t have a felted giraffe? And I’m the slacker? Huh.

I spent last week down south visiting my family, and my 16 year old niece and I got into some serious needle felting. We each made a giraffe, and I made a snail who remained behind with my niece. Fun, easy, pretty high up on the scale of things that work for me. Here’s another view if the giraffe (who, by the way, is called Bob), with a standard sized spool of thread for scale :

To give credit where it’s due, both my niece and I kept returning to Woolpets‘ amazing Flickr set when working out the difficult bits of our critters. Honestly, though, at some point we gave up having them come out as splendidly as hers, which are astonishingly realistic (look at the spots on her giraffe and be humbled) and seriously adorable.  There is no limit, for instance, to my love for her polar bears.

By the way, is there any word more fun to say than giraffe? GIRAFFE!


*Funny thing–I just looked up when that was that I posted the felted airedales, and guess what? It was the first of May last year. Where Past Me has cleverly left a message for Future Me warning me against the difficulty of taking on daily blog challenges.  Present Me wonders whether it’s too late to back out. This time travel is giving me a nosebleed.


5 responses to “Haven’t even started and I’m already behind

  1. I love your charming felted giraffe! Have only seen felted bags and hats; never thought it was used for anything else. Thanks! Vera from A Travelers Library sent me. 🙂

  2. That’s adorable! What a great desk buddy.

    I had to laugh about you succumbing to another blog challenge. I do the same thing with query challenges. I tell myself, “Never again!” and then the day before it starts, I urgently fire off an email to join in. This is my first blogathon, though, so maybe I’m just addicted to challenge?

    Having fun poking around your site — really lovely stuff!

    • Thank you for coming by–hope you will visit again. I love your
      blog–have been there before and had no idea you were a fellow FLXer.

      BTW, the ghost of Sir Buffalo Sushi makes it a bit hard to tell, but is
      that an airedale in that photo?


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