When life hands you shards . . .

So hot was I to do some more monoprinting that I handled the new block of gelatin a little too roughly in unmolding it, and it broke into several not-at-all symetrical pieces.  Jagged jello. Not what I had in mind.

And of course unmolding the gel was the last thing I did–everything else (paints, rollers, tools, various types of paper, a cup of tea, my makeshift art-drying clothesline–artline?)  was already all set up, so I thought I might as well play around with the broken block before I tossed it.  In the end, what I came up with pleased me.  So much so that it’s sparking an idea for a bigger project. So I won’t spoil the outcome by giving away too many closeups of the work, I’ll just show you a wide shot of what the accident generated.

Hmm . . . there just may be something there after all.  Stay tuned.


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