Spring bags

I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t really like carrying a purse.  No, I don’t like it at all.  Sometimes I just put my keys and phone and lipstick in one pocket and my driver’s license, bank card, and library card in the other (just the essentials, ma’am) when I’m going out.  I’ve done this so often that the front of my library card looks like this, every bit of the writing worn off:

But then there are times when I also  need the essentials, part II:

  • a notebook
  • a pen
  • my art journal
  • a different pen
  • my Palm
  • a book
  • two lipsticks

With a trip to visit my mom coming up later this month, I’ll also have to have room for things like:

  • a boarding pass
  • a book
  • some gum
  • my iPod
  • some Earl Grey  tea bags (“just a cup of hot water for me, please”)
  • a very small knitting project

And a purse that won’t make my mother cringe when we go out in public together.

So it was time for something at least somewhat more grown up.  So Ugly Beautiful and I collaborated, I ran to the fabric store for a piece of cloth that’s been calling my name since I first saw it a month ago (got the last yard–whew!), et, voila:

It’s lined with a blue fabric that picks up the tiny blue stripe you can’t see in the brown fabric in this picture (and my custom-made floating ink labels, for a close-up of which I will once again refer you here).  And it has a nifty pocket, made of the brown striped fabric, that’s stitched to make places for a couple of pens and my cell phone. It could use a final close encounter with an iron, but I was too pleased with how it came out to stop and do that step. I promise I’ll take care of it before I board the plane.

But I also still needed a wallet. Don’t have an official one of those, either. So I went back to the sewing machine and, as they say in my family, whomped one up.  Remember those ramen noodles I cooked a few posts back?  Nothing was wasted:

I think it’s lovely that so many fabric producers make material that coordinates with ramen packaging.

I’ve been seeing these around and decided I had to have one.  My mother will hang her head and weep.


4 responses to “Spring bags

  1. well I don’t mind admitting the little ramen purse makes me completely envious. I need to find something of a comparable size and kitch value in our cupboards so I can make something similar for myself. aversion to setting in zippers be damned!

  2. I think you could use almost anything–Second Child pointed out a bag she saw online made of PopTart packaging. We’ll have to find someone who eats those to save a box for us.

    There’s a great tutorial for making lined zipper bags here:

  3. best use of ramen. ever.

  4. The bag itself is lovely, too! Even without ironing! And I had to laugh at the look of your library card. I think your town might want to invest in some permanent ink for their cards. Surely you can’t be the only one who carries the card in her pocket.

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