New Moo! And a belated . . . everything

Well, duh.

Things got away from me.

I thought all along, when working on this blog, that I’d do something special for my 100th blog post.  And something else neat for my blogiversary, the first birthday of my blog.

Well, damn.

I managed to miss both of them.  I only missed by a little bit on the 100th post, which I hit just a few days ago.  But, for crying out loud, Floating Ink hit its one year mark in . . . um . . . February.  That one I missed by a mile.

Well, pooh.

I promise I’ll come up with a suitable way to celebrate my blogiversary and your lovely readership–thank you thank you thank you for visiting and returning and posting and saying nice things–but for the moment I’m here to show off the little [belated] birthday present I got the blog to celebrate its first year:

New Moo minis!

Here’s a little sneak look at them.  I’ve had other sets of Moo mini cards, but this one’s all about the blog, and I’ll be shamelessly pressing them on friends and strangers alike. Please forgive the bit of overlap among these shots and the strange golden light, all that’s available in my kitchen on this rainy evening.

Thanks for being with me on the ride so far–have some virtual cake and ice cream and, please, somebody give me a heads up next February so I don’t miss my own birthday again.

And stay tuned for a makeup celebration with some giveaways!


2 responses to “New Moo! And a belated . . . everything

  1. a very belated happy blogiversary to you!

  2. Happy blogiversary! I have never EVER remembered to celebrate mine, if that’s any consolation. But what a good idea. If you’ll remind me in September, I’ll remind you next February. After all, what are friends for? Congratulations!

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