Sita Sings the Blues–Free online!

Everyone at my house already knew about this when I ran around yesterday ranting that they had to go online and watch this film, so maybe I’m the last one to get the word.

If you haven’t seen it yet, though, you must. The work of American artist Nina Paley, the roughly hour and a half long animated film retells the story of Rama and Sita, derived from the Indian epic tale, the Ramayana.  Exiled by his father, Rama and his bride Sita decamp to the forest, where their lives (and their relationship) are aided and thwarted by gods and demons.  Paley’s parallel story of the breakup of her marriage, animated in its own style, is woven to great effect through this compelling tale.

Paley’s wonderful film was held up for a long time while she sought permission to use many great old jazz songs from the 1920s.  Finally, the film is available, and–the most wondrous part–you can watch it online for free, as Paley has made it available under a Creative Commons share alike license.

It’s available several places online, but I found it at New York’s PBS station, Channel 13, which also aired it on television on March 7 (probably why I’m the last person to know about it).  Click here to watch–but make yourself some popcorn and get comfortable first.


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