As long as the art stuff was out . . .

I did some more odds and ends with old and new stamps I carved.

There’s that bowl thing again.

And, as an experiment, added some color to a carving I did back in January:


3 responses to “As long as the art stuff was out . . .

  1. You’ve been up to beautiful and delicious things since my last visit here. Such a nice place to spend a few Saturday minutes. One of my favorite things about stamps is the repeatability. I was looking at the beautiful paper marbling at the top of the page, too, and imagining one of your leaves stamped on top. It’d be like…well…um…Floating Ink.

  2. Love the kittycat stamp pattern.

    and your notice of the F S M at the grocery store… I thought my MrDoF was the only person who carries a small camera all the time 😉

  3. they’re all beautiful, but i like the dark brown leaves (ash?) the best. maybe it’s something about the more chaotic repetition?

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