While I was carving stamps over the weekend, Second Child was sitting at the table working on her homework.  She has a keen eye and a good sense of what works and what doesn’t, and she’s a good audience when I want to show (or show off) something I’ve made.

When I ask my Better Half if he likes something I’ve made,  he says, “Yes.”  Or, if he’s greatly fired up about it, “That’s really nice.”

First child says “Wow, cool. Nice, Mom.”

Second Child, however, says “Omygodomygodomygodomygod, that is SOOOOO COOOL, Mom!”

You can see that it would be very tempting to go straight to her every time.

She doesn’t hesitate to express displeasure, though, if she thinks I could do something better. Which is important, too.

And she absolutely hates chitzies.

Chitzies is her own word. It’s what she calls the little lines and bits of printing that show up in a stamp or a block print, lines that aren’t necessarily part of any particular THING in the print.  The lines under the tea mug in the top framed photo in my last post, for instance.

I take out plenty of chitzies that aren’t in some way useful, but I also leave in the ones I like.  And Second Child and I have some disagreements about this.

For once, though, we’re arguing over a line she wants me to keep that I think needs to come out.  See?

Yeah, that corner line.  That’s gotta go, I think.

No, says Second Child. “Just take out all those chitzies in the rabbit.”


One response to “Chitzies

  1. Chitzies are my favorite! I think of a print as being all about surface–both the surface of the plate and the paper, fabric, etc. it gets printed on. So hold tight to your chitzies…and your dear rabbits too.

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