A story.

I took up photography a couple of years ago, inspired by several things–the fact that various changes in my life made me begin to pay more attention, to see the world in a different way than I had before; the wonderful camera my Better Half gave me for a milestone birthday; and this blog, which, being so dark and all, cried out for a little color and light.

I’m starting to send a few photographs out into the world, sharing them with others. So for Christmas this year, several of my near and dear received framed photos. Maybe even (whispering here) . . . art photos. I sent these off with equal feelings of pride and sheepishness, but they were well received and I was pleased and relieved.

Yesterday I had a nice long talk with one of my aunts, southern by birth but now living on the west coast. Part of the conversation went like this:

Aunt: Oh, by the way, I like that frame you sent me for Christmas.

Me: Frame?

Aunt: Yeah, that neat black frame. Did you make that?

Me: Um, no . . . I bought it at Ikea. Did you like the photograph?

Aunt: What photograph?

Me: The one in the frame.


Aunt: Uhh . . . I thought that was just a filler, you know, like they put in frames before they sell them.

Me (trying hard to suppress the laughter that suddenly bubbled up): Oh. No, actually the present was the photograph. I took that.

Aunt: Oh.  Oh. I put a different picture in it and hung it up.

Me (by now nearly doubled over with laughter): That sounds like something Granny [her mother] would have done.

Aunt: You’re right. Well, at least it’s in a nice frame.

All in all, it was a good reminder not to take myself too seriously.


2 responses to “Framed

  1. that’s amazing. you certainly took it the best way possible!

    i love this image. i’d never throw it away, accidentally or on purpose (you never know with relatives…)

  2. I’m trying to learn to roll with these things, you know? And anyway, I got a great story out of it!

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