Winter . . . and more winter . . .

Yes, I promise I’ll get back to posting something actually to do with art this weekend. Honest.  I have been doing stuff, mostly photography, but work (which I am happy to have, honest–just in case any of the economic gods are listening) has been piled high on my plate and demands my attention.

You can even see the state of my desk so you’ll understand. The large dog is there taking shelter from the slings and arrows of the smaller dog, who was Mean. To. Her.

But you can see that I am ankle deep in work. Only work. Nothing but work.

Oh, okay, and jumping back in to this:

What can I say? It’s my only vice . . .

Winter takes its toll, too. Somehow everything seems to take a lot more energy when just going to get the mail requires you to put on a parka and boots.  And even looking out the kitchen window reminds you that you’re not in Kansas July any more.

But I did manage to sneak in a quick photoshoot moment when I was driving to pick Second Child up from a sleepover at a friend’s house. It was (almost) just as quick to take the beach road. And as someone who spent most of her childhood in the mid south and some of it in the deep south, I’ll never get over the exoticism of seeing snow on a beach:

Wow. Maybe I won’t need my bathing suit today after all.


3 responses to “Winter . . . and more winter . . .

  1. that kitchen window photo is almost- almost- the most beautiful one i’ve seen in a long time. but the snow on the beach wins.

    the ocean in new england in the winter is such a hidden gem. if you don’t live there, you probably won’t get a chance to see it (because no one in their right mind would ever choose to visit then). but it holds such beauty…maybe because of that.

  2. I love the trees through the glass and icicles. I also loves a photo that makes me look twice. This one does!

  3. Thank you! Just remind me not to frame it and give it to my aunt as a gift next Christmas.

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