Yeah, but is it art?

Okay, probably not. There’s a lot of art going on in my head, but in my day to day life painting and printing and making books have taken a back seat to:

  • being back at work with deadlines on my calendar again

  • being still somewhat under the influence of various germs
  • putting Christmas away

  • being busy learning how to mat and mount my photos for the first time and (shyly) sending some of them out into the world
  • putting out a bunch of fires on the home front
  • needing to go out of town briefly

That doesn’t mean that my eyes aren’t still open, but the actual output isn’t so much about making art pieces as finding interesting patterns.

For instance, this is what you get when you are on hold for a looooooonnnnnggg time with your insurance card in your hand, your notebook in your lap, and your jar of colored pencils on your desk.  If this were a painting, it would be called “Your call is important to us . . .””

And this–moons rising over a bowl of yogurt:

These moons remind me of some wonderful stuff my blog friend Jude is doing over at Spirit Cloth. While you’re sitting here waiting for me to achieve something, take a look.


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